Price :325 USD
SAP IDES ECC 6.0 EHP5 Latest External Hard Drive
  • This is 500 GB EXTERNAL USB 3.0  fast speed Hard Disc Drive (HDD) which is pre-installed with sap ecc 6.0
    that contains all modules like FI/CO,MM,SD,PM,QM,ABAP,IDES,PP,HR... etc.
  • No installation required ! Just Connect Hard Drive into your PC/Laptop And Run ECC 6.0
  • Price is very reasonable. i. e. just 325 USD. Other sellers charging1200 to 1500 USD.
  • International/National shipment charges, Installation Charges and all taxes included. Shipment all around the world in 4 to 7 days.

    This package includes
    1. 500 GB External USB3.0 fast speed HDD preinstalled with sap ecc 6.0 EHP5 latest.
    2. All User Ids and Passwords in a single notepad over desktop.
    3. Free ebooks of worth upto 50USD.
    4. Free Project Documents

    Minimum Hardware Requirements for this Installation :
    1. Core2Duo 64 bit processor and above
    2. 4GB RAM or above.                                                                                                                Price:      325 USD 


    Important Notice:

    • The usage of this evaluation is strictly for home based educational purposes and not for commercial. Full commercial license can be purchased only from SAP AG, Germany.
    • We ship to almost any destination in the world and the average delivery time needed is 4-5 business days.
    • This Hard Disc is carefully prepared and tested before dispatching it to you. We will make sure that you get working HDD without any errors or problems.
    • This is SAP IDES software which is used to train and learn SAP. This is the package that is used in all training institutes and it is 99% similar to the production system.
    • Alternatively, you can buy restore dvds of sap ecc 6.0 sr2 version which will install sap ecc 6.0 sr2 in your pc in just 90 minutes. Click here to get more info about Restore DVDs.
    • Alternatively, you can buy installation dvds of sap ecc 6.0 sr2 version which will install sap ecc 6.0 sr2 in your pc in more than 20 hours. Click here to get more info about Installation DVDs.
    • If you want both SAP ECC 6.0 SR2 Original DVDs+ SAP ECC 6.0 SR2 Restore DVDs in a single package then Price of this combo pack will be 300 USD.Shipment charges included. Click here to know more about combo pack.
    • For any further clarification or doubts, please mail to
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