SAP OIL & GAS Certification Material word/kep/pdf format Old Version material
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IOG100 Primary & Secondary Distribution with SAP for Oil   col97(2012)

IOG340 Trading & Scheduling with SAP for the Oil & Gas Industry    col97(2012)

IOG100 - Primary & Secondary Distribution with SAP Oil & Gas
IOG150 - Oil & Gas Industry Supply Chain

IOG320 - Oil & Gas Exchanges Business
IOG330 - Bulk Transportation and Shipment Costing
IOG340 - Bulk Scheduling
IOG350 - Service Station Retailing
IOGW40 - Joint Venture Accounting (JVA)
IOGW50 - Offshore Logistics Management (IS-Oil)
TIOG10: Oil & Gas Business Processes


SCM500 - Processes in Procurement
SCM600 - Business Processes in Sales Order Management
SCM610 - Delivery Processes
SAP01 - Overview


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