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                        Following SAP BPC10.0 Courses You Will Learn :(All 
                        Latest  Versions ) 
  SAP BPC410 - SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, version for the Microsoft platform: Administration Col 96 BPC 10.0  Latest 2011 Version

BPC420 SAP BO Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver: Administration
( Col97-2013 )

SAP BPC420 - SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation - NetWeaver Version - Administration ( Col96 - 2009/Q6 ) - BPC 10.0 / EPM 10.0 Latest 2011 Version

SAP BPC430 - SAP BPC : Reporting and Planning ( with Exercise Book ) - NW SP09 (  Col15 - 2013 ) NEW

SAP BPC430 - SAP BusinessObjects Planning & Consolidation : Reporting and Planning - NetWeaver - ( Col96 )  Latest 2011 Version

BPC440 SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation - Consolidation
Col97-2013 )

BPC440 - SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation - Consolidation - NetWeaver Version ( Col96 - 2009/Q6 ) - BPC 10.0 / EPM 10.0  Latest 2011 Version




1). SAP E-Book - SAP Business Planning and Consolidation with BPC 10.1 - 4th Edition
2). SAP E-Book - Implementing SAP Business Planning & Consolidation SAP HANA - 2nd Edition





SAP BPC 10.0 Audio Video Training Course Version for sap Netweaver

Individual ,Training provider , Development companies , Consulting firms

Our videos will show the live SAP screen and functions with the instructor's clear audio.

The experience of watching our videos will be similar to watching any Youtube videos

No internet connection need each time you need to access your online course No monthly Fee save time and money

You will learn How to

Describe the new formula editor

create a member formula

Describe Logic Scripts

Explain The logic Script Editor

Create a new Logic script

Describe Business Rules

Check The Currency Translation Rules defined in the "Business Rules Table"

Checking the script logic file

Run the currency translation through consolidation Monitor

Define Controls ,control sets and assignments

Audit Administration Maintenance

Activity Audit Configuration

Data audit configuration

Describe the home tab buil-in screens and use of tabs

Explain the Library

Explain How to us Planning & Consolidation features in the EPM add-in:

create a connection

build a report

Build an input form

display business process folw information

enter and retrieve comments

change work status

build multi-source reports

use the formatting sheet

use some advanced EPM cell-based formulas

Data collection using Excel Workbooks

Explain Email colection

Explain "variable time" in the book template (|Email Distribution)

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