Price : 200 USD. Shipment Charges : 20USD. Total Price : 220USD
(For External HDD of Laptop)
  • Yes, You can run SAP ECC 6.0 from external hard drive of your laptop. You just need to restore SAP ECC 6.0 in external hard drive of your laptop.
  • This is restore kit, which includes an image of an existing installation. It is something like copying our server to your system. Installation takes more than 20 hours but restore dvds takes just 2-3 hours .
  • Functionality & Performance wise there is no difference between restore disks and installation disks. Restore disks are meant for people who want to work on ECC straight away (such as functional consultants) without spending much time for installation. Installation DVDs are ideal for technical consultants who need to learn the installation and configuration. Installation of ECC6.0 takes around 20 hours in a higher end desktop while restore takes 2-3 hours.
  • Price is very reasonable. i. e. just 200 USD. International/National shipment charges 20USD all around the world. Shipment anywhere in the world in 4 to 7 days.

  • This package includes
    1. 10 DVDs of SAP ECC 6.0 Restore images.
    3. Free ebooks of worth upto 50USD.
    4. Free Project Documents

  • Minimum Hardware Requirements for this Installation :
    1. Core2 duo 64 bit processor OR above (Laptop)
    2. 3GB RAM.
    3. 320 GB External Harddisk

    Important Notice:
    • This auction is for educational/informational material, the software package and it's contents are not designed for production. This package will allow let you to train yourself to become an SAP experience person. Cost involved is only for installation assistance and shipping and handling. This package is self guided and include full installation notes on how to install the software. Full commercial license can be purchased only from SAP AG, Germany.
    • We ship to almost any destination in the world and the average delivery time needed is 4-5 business days.
    • All the disks are carefully prepared and tested before dispatching it to you. We will make sure that you get working stuff without any errors or disk problems.
    • This is SAP IDES software which is used to train and learn SAP. This is the package that is used in all training institutes and it is 99% similar to the production system.
    • For any further clarification or doubts, please mail to

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