Q1 : How can i pay ?
      Ans :
If you have paypal account or credit card then you can pay us by clicking on BUY NOW button given alongwith all items.

      Q2 : What if i do't have paypal account ? can i pay ?
      Ans :
Dont worry. You can pay us using your credit card.

      Q3 : Why paypal ?
      Ans :
Paypal is renowned, fast, safe and free way to pay online at internet.

      Q4 : When will i get the material after the payment ?
      Ans :
If material is already uploaded then you will get the links for download in just 15-20  minutes. If material is not been uploaded yet then we will upload it and then you will get the downloadable links in 24-48 hours.

      Q5 : How can i clear my doubts before purchase. ?
      Ans :
You can communicate with us by emails/Chat. At present, communication by phone is not possible.

      Q6 : How much useful is this material ? Is it original or scanned copies ?
      Ans :
This material is original, not scanned copies.However in some cases due to new material sometimes scanned form is also provided.After scan some changes in images and letters are possible but these are readable. It is rarest of rare material.
Many guys are using this sap material for certification and training. This is very much
             valuable material. One must have that if he wanna be certified in any module of sap.
            Some SAP e books may be in scanned format.But mostly are in pdf format.
      Q7 : If i wanna buy more than one item, may i get discount on bulk purchase ?
      Ans :
Yes, You can negotiate with our sales executives in this case.

      Q8 : Still I have some query about certification material or software. What to do ?
      Ans :
You can communicate with us by email at

      Q9 : To whom i will be paying at paypal?
      Ans :
You are paying us thru paypal.

     Q10: What if i find DVDs or media not readable.

     Ans: You should inform us within 2 days after receiving the media.We'll replace it for you

         After 2 days no complaints will be entertained.Its your job to check after delivery asap.

         For preinstalled HD we provide support only for 30 days after purchase.After that each   visit is paid.

        Its your job to check the Preinstalled software/working in hard disk within 2 days after receiving the same.After that no complaint will be entertained.

         If complaints we get within  3-7 days then you'll have to bear the shipping charges.

    Q11: What about custom charges?

      It varies countrywise.So you need to pay the charges if any.We take proper care to avoid  this and send material as gift.

    Q12: What are charges for the consultant's visit ?

    It varies according to the problem.We provide you qoute first then a consultant try to resolve the issue.Consultant visit charges are non refundable and not related to the outcome of the issue.

     Q.13: What about latest updates?

 Material is updated time to time.If there is any update in material after purchase then you need to pay for that.Due to frequent updates in modules we charge for latest updates.




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