Preinstalled IDES BW BI 7.4 SR2 Patch 8 with ECC IDES Ehp8 and BO 4.1 SP4

Price: US$750


BW BI 7.4 SR2 Patch 8 with ECC IDES Ehp8 and BO 4.1 SP4

This is a Complete Build for BW Consultants. Has all the BW TOOLSET. Platinum level consultant build. Includes complete patches, notes and packages.

BW 7.42 SR2 Support Pack level 8

BEX Package Configured

Interactive Excel 3.0 + Patches

BO 4.1 SP4


UI5 + Personas

Fiori for ECC Application X1 X2

Please take the GOOD look at the SCREEN SHOTS .






If you have SSD, your EXPERIENCE will be UNBELIEVABLE FAST. SSD is cheap and you will have a PERSONAL SAP PROFESSIONAL SERVER.You OWN BW BO ECC SANDBOX. INVEST IN AN SSD!!! THIS VMWARE combines with a 480GB SSD will be CRAZY FAST. NO LAG and no SLOW ACCESS latency.

SSD is not a requirement. But it will make your experience very fast and smooth. The VM will run on any machine with 8Gb ram and 7200 RPM HDD with 350 GB SPACE. IF you have SSD, you can do with 4GB RAM.



We are providing USB 3.0 drive with this purchase.


TRAINING license till 2020.....Can be renewed later.




ALL DATA activated



This is a Very highly configured VM. This is the exact same VM many of the online training companies use for

 their training. We believe in affordable solutions. You will be 100% satisfied.


Price :US$750   This price is for limited period.Best price ever......